Dear Homeschooling // Letters Day 13

Dear Homeschooling,

You’re kicking sorta kicking my tail this year. I love learning with my children, coaching them as they try new things, encouraging them when it’s tough, and celebrating their victories right alongside them. But figuring out how to make you work with two different kids and two different grade levels and other life things happening and demanding my attention, whew. I’m beat.

I’m thankful you’re so flexible. For the mornings when we need a family sanity day and we stay in pajamas and eat pancakes and watch a newly released movie with the curtains drawn, your ability to bend and stretch to fit our needs is extremely likable.

But the (possibly imagined?) demands you place on me make me feel like I can’t catch my breath sometimes. You are a heavy burden as I seek to educate my children– to emphasize in the right places and teach enough concepts and exhort them to learn for themselves and to push them far enough without breaking their little spirits… You’re a continuously evolving puzzle to me.

I’m heading to a conference this week all about you, and like marriage counseling for a struggling couple, I hope we can get some new perspective together so that I’m ready to jump back into you with both feet next week, with a smile on my face behind a ginormous cup full of hot coffee. But no jean jumpers for me, I’m sorry I just can’t go there.


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