Meet Sheila

When I started my blog, Momfessions, in January 2008, I wanted a Mommy blog.  I wanted to be witty, and funny, and deep, and helpful.  I’m not sure I’m any of those things, but here I am anyway. Momfessions was my place to share my thoughts, write my heart, show my eye, and connect with friends. I wrote about poop a lot. No seriously, a lot. Most of all though, I love to write about the wonderful ways God redeems my messes and sanctifies me through this mommy gig. I feel the most alive when I’m writing about God’s grace and the story of redemption it is continually weaving through my life.

I have spent almost a year thinking through a name change over here. I still love Momfessions and I’m thankful it’s been my little corner of the interwebs for eight years. But I ultimately decided to move my writing over to The name and address don’t really matter, but I feel like this change allows me some freedom to post not strictly about my misadventures in motherhood.

I’m still the same girl married to my hottie Hubby (for over a decade now!!!). Seriously, who are those wannabe adults?


We have three crazy awesome bio kids, Ladybug, Stinkbug and Doodlebug:


and we brought our sweet daughter, Lovebug, home from Bulgaria in December 2015 after almost five years in an adoption process!

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After living overseas for six years, we transitioned back to the US. I am teaching third grade at a Christian school and I am an ambassador for Noonday Collection, gathering women in my spare time to talk about building a flourishing world together where children are cherished, people have dignified jobs, women are empowered, and we are connected.


I also wrote a little book baby that was born into the world in August 2014 that you can find on Amazon or CreateSpace.

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I am writing for wandering hearts… let’s just say it takes one to know one.