Mid-Week Momfessions

Last week all three kids had strep throat.

Strep throat is like my kryptonite. I swear, I can hear that some random person, I have never even met has strep throat and BAM! I’m in the bed feeling like death. Cross my heart- it’s been that way as long as I remember.
And no sooner were we kinda sorta maybe on the upswing this week when it’s like we have this nasty head cold- coughs, snot, low fevers, more snot, headaches, sinus aches, and snot. Lots of snot.
And when weeks are passing like this- wave after wave of something- there is not even a thought of cooking healthy family meals, preparing stunningly awesome family devotions, writing copious amounts of amazing blog posts- it’s more like I have to make it through this sickness alive, if I die Ladybug will never go in public with her hair brushed again because OH MY GOODNESS if it doesn’t seem to bother Hubby that he’s walking out the door to take the kids to school and her hair looks like a commune for a colony of rats (again).

Can I be honest that that is really one of my main fears about my own premature death? Does that make me shallow?

Counting to 1,000


50. the magic of summer- heating lifting after dinner making way for beautiful evening at park51.  all three kids playing sweetly together52. soreness the day after exercise53. strawberries dipped in chocolate54. the privilege of praying for a friend55. frilly dress up clothes on a girl who thinks she’s a princess56. sweet little ballerina girl in pink 57. precious boy waiting up for a goodnight kiss58. water59. feeling thinner and healthier60. waking up next to a smiling, snugly baby61. börek with potatoes and cheese for breakfast62. sunshiny days63. laughter echoing through the house64. a clean kitchen counter!65. dreams for the future66. strength to get out of bed in the morning67. Hubby playing with my hair68. kids with tousled bed-head (waking bright and early!)69. the weekend!70. lifting prayers together with brothers and sisters71. jokes between friends72. hearing “Mama”73. being adopted into God’s family74. watching my parents talk to their grandchildren on Skype75. hungering for the Lord76. sweet texts from Hubby during the day77. thunder in the distance78. summer sandals79. legs to walk wherever I need to go80. a home full of beautiful things- comfy and cozy81. green grass squishing between little toes82. ice cream with sprinkles on top83. the coolness of the air right before a summer rainstorm

5 Let the peoples praise You, O God;
Let all the peoples praise You.
6 The earth has yielded its produce;
God, our God, blesses us.
7 God blesses us,
That all the ends of the earth may fear Him.(Psalm 67)

Random Schmattering

  • I think my iPod nano might be dead. This is a tragedy. (You know, if you’re first world and have way more than you ever need and consider luxuries to be necessities, and never worry about things like where your next meal is coming from or if your water source is clean…) But I do like to listen to my tunes in the kitchen…
  • Father’s Day is coming. Can I get a whoop whoop for all the baby daddies out there who help their baby mamas out? Hubby is super dad, and I could not do what I do (raise the kids, keep the house, cook the food) without his help. (I would tell you I’ll blog more about him being a great dad this weekend, but I probably won’t, so I won’t. Just know he’s super.)
  • I just went into the kitchen after laying all the Bugs down for nap and LADYBUG AND STINKBUG CLEARED THEIR PLATES FROM THE TABLE WITHOUT BEING ASKED. Oh my word. What a good feeling- they are getting it! (If you’re not a mom, you’re probably all who cares, and I care! Because small victories like the kids cleaning up their own mess is huge in a mommy’s day!)
  • We went to the park this morning. There were all sorts of things I could complain about (it was H-O-T even at 10am, the grass was wet and it was hard to find shade to sit in, the kids didn’t want to play on the playground, the kids were afraid of bugs and dogs and kept complaining) but I’m still reading one thousand gifts and  instead I’ll just say I love city-living where I can walk all three kiddies to a fabulous park and lay out a blanket and relax? This park trip (as well as any outing with three kids by myself) is brought to you by the Ergo Baby Carrier. Thank you Ergo.  
  • And here are some more of my one thousand gifts…
45. grass squishing between toes

46. loving my little Bugs

47. shade to sit in

48. awesome playground close to our house

49. a baby so cute Mommy can hardly stand it

    Mid-Week Momfessions

    I yell at my kids.

    I hate it and I wish I didn’t. I don’t everyday. But sometimes (OK, probably once a week) I have a didn’t-read-my-Bible-woke-up-twice-to-nurse-the-baby-last-night-have-a-monster-headache-and-I’m-just-plain-ol’-sinful kinda day and they do things that irritate me act like children, and I just snap and I yell at them.

    Honestly, there’s probably not much worse in the world than the quivering of their little chins after I yell at them. The look in their tear-filled eyes after I raise my voice and let them have it.

    I’m working on it. Through God’s grace I can hopefully overcome this nasty habit. I want to show them grace and teach them how to gracefully react to others, and yelling is not the way I want to accomplish that.

    Hi, I’m Sheila. And I yell at my kids.

    Have a momfession of your own? Blog about it and link up here!

    {1000 gifts}

    31. Daddy taking the big kids out for “special daddy time”

    32. being alone with the baby (who hardly ever gets “alone time”)

    33. iced coffee in the middle of the morning

    34. hot showers

    35. the feeling of Q-tips cleaning my ears

    36. anticipating a visit from dear friends

    37. lifting voices in songs of praise as one body

    38. sharing a meal with brothers and sisters

    39. milk chocolate

    40. getting mail/messages just because

    41. picking out the perfect gift, and wrapping it up

    42. sitting on the balcony drinking tea with my love talking about nothing and everything

    43. being adopted into the biggest, most wonderful family by the Biggest, Most Wonderful Dad

    44. “water from the wells of salvation”

    3 With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. 4 And you will say in that day:

        “Give thanks to the LORD,
       call upon his name,
    make known his deeds among the peoples,
       proclaim that his name is exalted. 5 “Sing praises to the LORD, for he has done gloriously;
       let this be made known in all the earth. {Isaiah 12}

    {1000 gifts}

    15. starting the day hearing Hubby singing praises in the kitchen

    16. ceiling fans!

    17. baby sleeping through the night

    18. holding the Word in my hands

    19. blond boy playing contentedly with trucks and trains all morning

    20. goodbye kisses each morning that hold the promise of return by evening

    21. fresh fruit

    22. curls of red cascading around a sweet girl’s face

    23. meeting a new friend at the park

    24. brisk morning walk with lungs filling and releasing, body stretching and shaping

    25. sugar in my tea

    26.pants that don’t need ironing

    27. Hubby’s handsome smile

    28. the bread and the cup taken with brothers and sisters

    29. sweet baby “crawling” on tummy determined to get where he wants

    30. turkey pesto and cheese sandwich grilled to perfection

    Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.

    {Philippians 4:4}