7 Quick Takes (Vol. 5)

1. I got a new Bible this week. Hubby says I’m a Bible addict. I say there are worse things I could be addicted to.

2. Bug awoke me from my slumber no less than six times between 4am and 7am last night. When she wasn’t rousing me from sleep, Little Man was. I love how they work together to make some nights pure misery.

3. I folded myself into Bug’s toddler bed at 7am and asked her if Mommy could borrow her bed until 7:30am. I felt kinda pitiful begging a two year old…

4. While I was in the ladybug sheets halfway sleeping, Bug asked if she could have Cheese-Its for breakfast. I told her she could if Mommy could keep laying down until 7:45am.

5. If I let anymore clean laundry pile on the couch, it will begin to hide bodies of my family members. Hopefully I can tackle some of it this afternoon, or maybe they’ll be OK under the avalanche while I take a nap?

6. My sister’s having a bridal shower tomorrow. I love showers– baby, bridal, whatever kind. They just make me feel so feminine– giggling and eating finger foods and being in the presence of women. It’s oddly satisfying to me.

7. I can’t find my new jean capris from Target. Maybe I’ll check Mt. Laundry on the couch. Or maybe I’ll just wear something else…

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7 Quick Takes- vol 4

I am adoring the spring weather yesterday and today. Ummmmm… if only summer in NC was this mild with little humidity and lots of sunshine. (My hair would also be so grateful!)

I thought about going poo-free this week. OK, I have been poo-free this week, but I’m not really sure what I think. If you’re poo-free, how long before you loved your new, rejuvenated hair? (Or do you love your new, rejuvenated hair?)
(I really like saying “I’m poo-free” because I think it just confused most of you…)

Speaking of our lovely (this week mine looks pretty greasy) tresses, I have to ask, if you are a fan of shampoo, which one do you use? If my little experiment doesn’t work out, I’m in the market for a new brand…

Going for most of my takes to be about my hair, I thought you all would be interested to know that I can get my hair into a low ponytail. Ahhhh, I’m enjoying this length very much. Which is good considering “my girl” (the one who cuts my hair) is out on maternity leave.

I am loving this new chart I ordered last week (because I have an almost two year old, remember?) It is a chart that has behaviors listed, probing questions to help your child get to the sin in their heart causing the behavior, verses to help them see the sin they need to “put off” and verses to help them see what they need to “put on” instead. It’s only $4 on amazon, so I say you should order it for yourself for Mother’s Day. (Ginger Plowman in no way compensated me to endorse her, I paid the $4 too!)

I’m making a scrumptiously easy dessert for Mother’s Day. If all goes well, I’ll show you how to make it so you can be a hit at the next party you take it to!

I’m gonna share a Fantastic Find later during nap time, come back and check it out– there’s a fantastic giveaway too!

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7 Quick Takes- 3

1. Bug’s been sick since Tuesday. I took her to the doctor this morning: bronchitis. Yuck-O! Tuesday she started looking ill in the eyes when we got to Wal-mart. I was going to shop quick, but during isle three she made this awful sound like she was about to hurl. Awful visions flooded my mind of Bug-puke all over the baking isle… I rushed up to the front and paid for the 1/3 of my list I had already grabbed. Yeesh— what do you do if your kid barfs in a public place? Are you responsible for cleaning it all up, or just finding help?

2. We were going to meet Erin’s baby this weekend, but have to cancel since Bug’s sick. I am heartbroken. This is the second time we’ve had to cancel on meeting sweet Elijah because of a sick kid.

3. I love Crocs! SimpleMom is giving away ten pairs of Crocs! I’d have to get Hubby a pair if I won!

4. I have a post about TV stirring around in my mind. I planned to write about TV this week, but let’s be honest: when you’ve got sick kids, the only thing that gets done around the house is taking care of sick kids.

5. We’re traveling (Hubby, Little Man, and me) the week after Easter. I am listing in my mind to be sure everything gets done/packed. Oy! Bug’s gonna be in Grammy/Papa/Lisha/Emmy/Uncle/Nana/Pop heaven. It’s the longest I’ve been away from her… I get sad just thinking about not squeezing her neck for eight days!

6. It’s really hurting my brain to think of 7 Quick Takes from this week. I’m fried!

7. Happy Weekend!

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7 Quick Takes- 2

1. I spent a chunk of the morning in Wal-mart. Makes me wish we had a Target.
2. I spied an Elmo DVD that Bug is going to get next week once pay day hits! Elmo is going to potty train my daughter, I just know it!
3. Made my own iced caramel coffee yesterday morning– YUM-O! Speaking of which, have you tried McDonald’s McCafe coffees? To me, just as good as Starbucks and at half the price? Way better than Starbucks!
4. I have been shopping around for a stylish camera bag for my new camera. How come there’s not many “stylish” camera bags for women? I love this one the best! Whaddya think?
5. My Little Man is growing way too quickly! He had his four month well-check this week. *sob sob*
6. I’m shopping for new women to feature on Fantastic Finds— any suggestions? Robin and Rosalynn were great first finds!
7. Thank Goodness It’s Friday! (Does anyone else miss watching shows like Full House and Family Matters on Friday nights?!)

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7 Quick Takes- 1

1. Hubby woke up in the throes of throwing up last night. Yuck-o! Here’s hoping the rest of us stay healthy!

2. Bug is still needing to catch up on ZZZZZZZZs. Boy can she be a grumpy booger sometimes!

3. Tomorrow night is the final Apples of Gold dinner… I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting with a group of ladies these past six weeks and gleaning from their wealth of knowledge and testimonies of growth and grace! It continues to amaze me how God designed us to need each other in Christian community!

4. I have spent way too much time in front of the ‘puter screen lately. I’m thinking about going to a timer system… maybe my house would stay more “kept” then?!

5. Speaking of, the laundry is starting to conquer the laundry room. Definitely on the to-do list today!

6. My friend Erin welcomed her darling son, Elijah into the world a week ago yesterday! I can’t wait to get my hands on the boy– isn’t he scrumptious?

7. I am liking 7 Quick Takes Friday. I hope I can make it an integral part of my bloggin’ week. Head on over and link up your own 7 Quick Takes!