Moving Eve & Stuff

It’s moving eve. Ya know, the night before the big truck comes and burly guys who don’t understand the more delicate things in life toss my valuables around, and then suddenly I’m sitting in an empty house with all these boxes around me and I’m supposed to sort it all out and put it all away.

Have you ever noticed that it costs like seventy three thousand dollars to move? OK, OK, I jest (slightly). But seriously. New light fixtures, new paint, new rugs, new frames, new curtains, new lamps… pay the movers, pay the painter, pay the cleaners, pay the electrician.

Really, we haven’t even paid all that much yet (mainly because Hubby is doing a great job of keeping me out of IKEA and our country’s equivalent of Home Depot) , but there’s this list in my head that stretches beyond tomorrow (Moving Day!).

And it’s too bad because Hubby told me today we’re out of money.

And you’d think I’d know better anyway because ohmygosh where did all this junk that the movers will put into a big truck tomorrow come from????? Two years and four months and seven days ago we arrived here with an assortment of suitcases and carry-ons holding our earthly belongings and now we are arranging transport for enough stuff for a small village of people.

And have I told you I’m supposed to read 7 by Jen Hatmaker? I was supposed to read it over Christmas vacation and do a blog review of it. It’s downloaded on my Kindle and ready to go. Friends have emailed asking if I’ve read it and what I think.

And y’all I can’t even bring myself to open the book. I know it’s gonna rock my world. I know it’s going to make me want to get rid of stuff, of stress, of extra. But I just feel too doggone tired to be convicted and inspired and to do anything about it.

So there you go. I’m avoiding the book 7 right now because I just can’t handle it. I feel a storm brewing over the island of my life and it’s gonna be a dozie… doozie? dousy? douzie? Ah whatever.

Moving… De-cluttering…Re-arranging…

I’ve been moving.
So, if you’ve run into some of my dusty mess here on Momfessions, please forgive me.
I know why people pay other people to do their blog dirty work– because it’s dirty work. And complicated, and not user friendly (if the user is like me and knows zilch about computers and the interwebs.)

It’ll take me a little while to get everything the way I like it– and I’m still waiting for my “naked domain” ( to direct traffic over here to (I totally giggle every time I talk about my naked domain…)

As much as it stinks to sit here at the computer for hours on end writing code, troubleshooting, redo-ing and re-designing, it sure feels good to be cleaning up the place. I feel like a regularly scheduled maintenance is a good idea in every area of life.

My house needs to be de-cluttered, reorganized and shaped up every once in awhile (I mean how many junk drawers can one house contain?!) and when I let too much time pass before paying attention to problem areas (my closest, entryway closet, drawer in entertainment center, medicine and toiletry cabinet), handling these things becomes a really big, overwhelming job!

My heart needs overhauling and re-working pretty regularly too. It usually comes about through conviction from the Word and the Holy Spirit and takes much work to root out sin I have let take up residence and “clean house”! If I neglect regular maintenance of my spiritual life, I feel distant from the Lord, and often take my frustrations out on my husband and the Bugs.

Where do you need to show some TLC today? Maybe it’s time to tackle a junk drawer or a sin problem in your life that you’ve been avoiding?


I have been on wordpress waaaaaaaaay more than I should have been since I moved.  I just can’t quite get the hang of it!  You can see my sidebar is still pretty empty, it’s taken everything I can muster just to get a decent Christmas-y header up! (Whaddya think?)  I definitely understand why people hire professionals to do this for them!

I am enjoying the challenges wordpress has presented me, I just wish you all didn’t have to suffer through all my rearranging and setting up house!  Maybe after Christmas (and a real, live move across town), I’ll really be settled in.

Speaking of setting up house, what are your favorite sidebar items?  Which things do you love seeing on a blogger’s sidebar?  Anything that makes you cringe?

Personally I love “easy on the eyes” blogs– I love the three column look, but not many bloggers seem to be able to pull it off without looking cluttered.  What do you think?