Last Day of Kindergarten

oliviakinder first + lastMy girl has done so awesome this year! Because of our transitions between countries, she has done local school in Turkey, home school, and American public school all in her Kindergarten year! She has done so well and handled each school situation with ease and grace. She is totally awesome.

I am so proud of you, Ladybug!


Two: The Real Deal

You know when you see all these fantastically inspiring family portraits on Pinterest and so you decide to get some of your crew for your living room wall?And you wait for the perfect weather and pick out clean, relatively unwrinkled clothes for everyone… And then your two year old single-handedly foils all your best laid plans?

Yea, that.

IMG_4108 IMG_4109 IMG_4158 IMG_4159

Lovely Life

Life is really lovely, isn’t it?

Sometimes I get into such a funk and it’s hard to enjoy life’s loveliness. Of course, we are broken people living in a broken world…

But when I slow down and look around, it doesn’t take long to find the loveliness again.

A friend recently shared about how she wanted to stop talking about how busy she is. Something about what she was saying resonated deep in my soul.

I hate the I’m-busier, I’m-tireder, I-have-more-going-on game that we all seem to play with each other.

As I think about it, Scriptures come to mind– about resting and being still. So opposite of the hustle and bustle we act like we love so much.

In repentance and rest you will be saved,

In quietness and trust is your strength. (Isaiah 30:15)

Cease striving and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. (Psalm 46:10)

So I’m stopping.

When asked about how I’m doing or how my life is going, I do not want to answer “Ugh, I am so busy!”, or, “I’m just really tired.”

Because who isn’t?

I’d rather tell about how good the Lord has been to me. Or how joyful I feel. Or how I have seen something super beautiful in creation.

Or what I have been reading and learning in the Bible and prayer.

Because life really is lovely, ya know?

And it’s so lovely to be alive.