New Year

Wow. 2011. Whodda thunk it? I’m having trouble believing
last year is over. And that ten years have slipped by me since 2001
(the year I graduated from high school). I don’t have time for
resolutions really. I wasn’t doing that great with all the stuff I
was doing in 2010, why would I add anything to the mix in
OK, maybe that’s a negative Nelly way to look at
the new year, so here are a few thoughts I do have about 2011:

  • I’d like to read some books.
  • I’d like to write.
  • I’d like to take
  • I’d like to see some new
  • I’d like to create some new
  • I’d like to lose weight. (Hello? I’ve
    had three babies in three years, and that’s all I’ll say about

Really specific and
inspiring, eh?
Probably my biggest
desire in the new year is to be a Yes Mom. So often I find myself saying
no to my children. Can I play with play-dough? Can we go
ride bikes? Can I help you make cookies? Can we put up the tent?
Can I splash in the puddle?
A lot of times the things my
kids want to do don’t make for neat, clean fun. Play dough leaves
crumbs everywhere, markers mark the table, paint gets on little
hands, mud and grass stain clothes. Usually the activities they
love take some time and effort on my part. To go to the park, or
outside to ride bikes, I have to get everyone dressed and ready and
diapered (or pottied) and it’s a 30 minute
process ordeal to get out the door. Most of
the time, their “fun” doesn’t fit into my schedule. I have to stop
what I’m doing and do something else… Do you see how selfish this
all sounds? It is, it definitely is. (But being selfish seems
easier, neater, cleaner, and less energy-sucking!) But I don’t want
to be selfish. So in 2011, I am going to try to be a Yes Mom.

What are your
goals for 2011?

Design Quandary

Dear Friends,

I have this lamp. I am not sure how I feel about this lamp and where it currently resides. Would you tell me what you think? I am by no means an interior decorator and am in need of assistance.


In A Brown Lamp Quandary

So my main problem with this lamp sitting here (in our bedroom) is its size.  My night table is relatively small and the lamp takes up the whole top of it.  I am wondering if it kinda looks like an out-of-place giant hovering in the corner of our bedroom?  I like the brown earthiness since it ties into my brown/blue scheme, but just wish it were a tad smaller. I could find it another home if need be, and shop for a smaller night table lamp– what say you?

Which Witch?

A dispute has arisen over one of my dearest baby products. I can’t live without my Ergo Baby Carrier and highly recommend them to any mom…

I pronounce Ergo, “air-go” (think like the “Er” in Erica or errand), but my friend pronounces Ergo, er-go (think like the “er” in ergonomics).

So whaddya think? Is it a potato potato thing?

Good Idea!

I was asked to write a few goals for the next two months and one of my favorites from my planning and brainstorming was to have “dates” with each of my children. This is something I have wanted to do for awhile, but decided to start now and quit delaying!

I have found that I often have very good ideas and often well-meaning intentions, but can get stuck at those points in the parenting process… not so much good follow-through!

Saturday I had my first “date” with Bug. We went to McDonald’s and ate ice cream. She had an absolute blast and it only cost $3.15. I can’t believe I haven’t carved out the time to do this before! From now on, Bug and Little Man each get a Mommy date once a month… I can’t wait until they are older and they choose what our dates will consist of!

For now, I will have a date with each child once a month, and the other two weekends will be “big” dates with Hubs. Often we find it’s hard to date each other with two li’l ones biting our ankles. By scheduling our time out we are making it a priority and keeping it that way!

What good ideas do you need to implement today?!

Good morning… er… afternoon. It’s me– I’m over here on the couch. I wasn’t feeling so hot after breakfast this morning so I took a nap (Actually, I went down for a nap and Bug didn’t want to miss the action so she came to lie down and her snoring made sleep for me impossible. Gotta love motherhood!) Now my tummy’s all woozy and yucky. I’m so glad it’s Saturday, so Superman (ie the best husband in the world) can nurse me back to health…

It’s that time of the year, so I’m curious– what toys are you getting your kids, or your spouse, or yourself this Christmas?

List after List

Saturday we will board a plane with a group from our church and experience our first mission trip as a family of three! We are going to work with a missionary family in Montana. We will lead a VBS there, help with a soccer camp, and do anything else we can to serve the family we are going to minister alongside.

While very excited about our first mission trip with the Bug, I am a tad anxious about traveling with her! She has flown before, but she was only three months old and therefore very easy to contain… I need your tips and tricks for traveling with an almost one year old! I have made list after list of her things that need packing, what toys/non-toys to buy this week for the plane, snacks to bring along… I’ve scoured the internet looking for helpful hints– I want to be well-prepared. So give me the skinny on traveling with toddlersplease?

I’m having a small crisis…

When Bug was still baking in the toasty little oven (that during my first pregnancy looked like a cute basketball under my shirt, but is widening itself with this second one into all sorts of squishy love handles and extra rolls)… anyway, I digress… I received so many generous shower gifts for our daughter. I mean SO MANY.

One such gift was a plush softie pink kitty who has since been lovingly named Dot.
Exhibit A: “Dot”
Bug decided a few months ago that Dot is her BFF. No seriously, there will be no napping without Dot. There will be no 12 hour stretches at night without Dot’s presence in the crib with Bug.
Severe attachment.
I checked a few months ago and there were ample “Dots” still for sale on Amazon– what did parents do before Amazon?? I did not purchase any extra Dots at that point in time because we decided to wait until Bean revealed his/her gender, so we could get a Dot or two for him/her. (There are blue puppy Dots, yellow duck Dots, and green frog Dots). Am I scaring you?
I have scoured the Internet and after half an hour (thanks Google) I have stumbled upon pink Dots. With free monogramming. They are $24.99 each. Praise the Lord, small crisis averted!
Now, I need to know. How many “back up Dots” should a good mother have on hand?
(And should I cringe at paying $25 a pop to keep my sanity? “Cause I know Hubby will.)

One of my vices…

I love to sleep diagonally.

There! I said it! I discovered diagonal sleeping the summer after I got married. Being a teacher (almost! I was hired but not working yet– gotta love June, July, and August!) I didn’t have to get up at any certain time. Hubby was working a job painting for the school system, so he got up faithfully each morning at o’ dark thirty.

I soon realized that I loved shifting over once he was gone until I was laying from one corner of the bottom of the bed, to the opposite top corner. Heaven!

I can’t really describe what is so different about diagonal sleep… maybe it’s deeper, more fulfilling? Maybe I enjoy hogging the whole bed and sprawling myself out like a selfish cat? Maybe I like that diagonal sleep usually occurs after I wake up and realize I can sleep some more?

I don’t really know why this secret pleasure of mine exists. I really haven’t ever told anyone about it (save Hubby) until last weekend. You see, I discovered a kindred spirit! Another woman I know from church told me how much she loves to sleep diagonally! What? You too? I thought that no one but myself…

What’s your secret little vice?

No Superwoman

First of all I have to say I am such a dweeb. You must all know what a comment hog I am– comments keep me going, I thrive on feedback, no matter how small and insignificant… OK, maybe I just confessed something you didn’t know. If you are a blogger yourself, you must know what I am talking about. My pulse simply stands still as I click over to my blog to see if anyone left me some love…

Well, silly me forgot that I set my comments to be moderated, and for two days have felt scorned and alone in the world– OK that might be a slight exageration…

Anyway, I signed on today to update my little blog world and to my surprise– Six comments awaiting moderation. Sigh. Thanks gals, love ya!

Bug is doing a little better. She’s traded the vomiting for diaherra… maybe that’s not better?… but Mommy and Daddy have also taken their turns in the ring with Mighty Stomach Virus. Bleh!

I’ve been on the couch under three blankets with chick flick entertainment all day, sipping Sierra Mist and Gatorade. I’ll probably take residence up there again tomorrow… Where do you “hide” when you’re feeling less than 100%?