Momfessions Monday

Browsing a friend’s blog this morning, I was reminded of all the “ungirly” and “unbeautiful” moments of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. So, dish it…

what’s your most embarrassing moment?

(You’re welcome to play even if yours has nothing to do with pregnancy, childbirth, or motherhood!)

My moment (one of the first I thought of) actually has nothing to do with motherhood and occurred when I was in high school. I am not a morning person. Never have been, probably never will be. In high school, I used to snooze until the last possible second and shuffle around, barely conscious to get ready. (P.S. Don’t talk to me during the shuffling/getting ready process. Ever.)

Before I could drive myself to school, my shuffling occasionally had to be hurried along, since a neighbor who attended my high school drove me to school. She often sat in the driveway while I made the last minute dash around collecting my belongings and grabbing something to eat. One morning I made the mad dash and sunk into the seat of her car, relived to be able to sit and zone for the 15 minute drive to school. All of the sudden, I realized something was not quite right with the world. I had forgotten a very important piece of “underwear” as I had gotten ready, half-asleep. What in the world? I know, I know. This piece of underwear had been a part of my everyday garb since fourth grade, so I’m not exactly sure how it slipped my mind to put one on before pulling on my shirt. I panicked and formulated a plan.

The Plan:
1. Call mom as soon as we arrived at school and fill her in on my dilemma. (This was the un-modern age before every teen had their own cell phone.)
2. Instruct her to drop everything she was doing and bring me a bra.
3. Make sure she understands the delicacy of the situation and treats said bra with utmost secrecy and urgency during delivery.

So, thirty minutes later or so, I was called out of class to the office. (Good thing it was just Calculus, I hadn’t understood anything in that class all year anyway.) I received “the package” from mom in the office and proceeded to the nearest restroom to complete the mission of getting fully dressed for the school day. Success!

So my moment was one of those that was completely mortifying to me… but luckily the rest of the world was spared my tenth grade soap opera drama. What about you?

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