You Capture: Fresh

Yesterday afternoon, my friend’s little boy was over to play with Stinkbug.  The afternoon sun quickly heats up our living room this time of year, so I opened a window– those boys were enthralled!  They couldn’t get enough of that open window letting in fresh air!  (Yes, I realize they are blurry– did I mention they are 22 months and 17 months– there wasn’t any “still life” going on here yesterday, oy!)

PhotobucketYes, my son doesn’t have pants on– haven’t I mentioned that this is how we roll?  I’m just going with the flow (and too tired to fight the pants battle!)

You Capture {Lines}

I feel like I’m kinda cheating here.  I am pretty sure Hubby took these pictures last week on our trip.  So technically I should call this week He Captured.  Am I cheating?  I would have been the one taking them but I had Stinkbug in the Ergo and was trying to buy a scarf outside on the sidewalk.  Too much going on to be able to man the camera too.  (I’m not that good, folks)

Without further ado, he captured lines:

Can You Capture it?