Mid-Week Momfessions


I have been thinking about but dreading want to get into shape. And so inevitably I know I need to eat right and exercise. (That’s really the only solution to anyone wanting to be healthy, if you want my opinion.)

Well, I’ve done a few exercise videos since Doodlebug was born, but haven’t committed fully to becoming healthier. Yesterday morning, Ladybug crawled into bed with me and started talking to my belly like there was a baby in there. I promptly hopped out of bed and into some work-out clothes and got to work.

So, yes I have a mommy tummy. And having my three year old talk to my belly was embarrassing enough to me that it was all the motivation I needed to get on the wagon and get rid of the baby weight x 3.

Your turn, what do you want to momfess?

Mid-Week Momfessions

I hate pills. Always have. Probably always will. So… I take a gummy multi-vitamin. You know, the chewy ones like preschoolers use? They make them for weird adults like me. And I take them happily.

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Mid-Week Momfessions

MomfessionsI’ve blogged about cloth diapers before.

They are great. They really are. But…

When you have two in diapers, and you’re nursing one and constantly getting snacks for the other two, and then you add in making baby food and doing laundry and cooking dinner and picking up toys all day…

OK, I confess, my cloth diapering is sorta sporadic these days. It’s not the diapers, it’s me.

And I take comfort in the fact that even if I only use one cloth diaper on one kid every day, I save 365 diapers from the landfill in a year. And every little bit counts, right?

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